Interested students should contact Jim Ott to explore mutual research interests, potential directions, and support.

Ph.D. students apply through the broad-based “Aquatic Resources Program” that accommodates research across the spectrum of biological sciences.

Key info: Application Deadline

Masters students apply through the “Population and Conservation Biology Program.”

Key info: Application Deadline

Postdocs: Funding for postdoctoral salaries comes from a postdoctoral grant (e.g., NSF) or from grant funding to the lab. Since securing funds requires advanced planning you should contact potential postdoctoral advisors a year before you expect to join a postdoctoral lab. If interested, contact Dr. Ott by email with the following information:
1. an outline of possible research topics,
2. a summary of research experiences,
3. how your background would contribute to the lab and vice versa,
4. a CV.